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Pawsitive Steps Video

People interested in agility….

Here is a video of some of things required of the dogs before you think about enrolling in an agility class

Some notes about Agility and your dog…

Dogs should NEVER be asked to perform agility equipment ON LEASH. This is dangerous for the dog. If someone asks you to put a leash on your dog and do ANY agility equipment, ask them for their background in this sport! No good agility instructor would have you do equipment on leash.

Puppies under 12 months should not be doing any repetitive jumping (on, off or over any equipment). Puppies bones, ligaments and tendons are not fully formed and permanent damage can be done to your puppies skeleton if they are asked to perform outside their strength and coordination range.

Dogs in agility classes must work off leash with many other dogs. Your dog MUST have a reliable recall and must NOT interrupt another dog while it is working with its handler.

Agility dogs should be people and dog friendly. Agility is not the sport for dog/people aggressive dogs. This is too risky for the dog and the other participants in a group setting.

Dogs should be lean and fit for the sport. Giant breeds, overweight dogs, dogs with physical issues like Hip Dysplasia, arthritis, ACL issues etc may struggle to find this sport fun.

Dogs doing agility are primarily trained OFF LEASH using Positive Reinforcement. Clicker training/shaping/operant conditioning are the most recognized tools. E collars, choke chains, pinch collars are not allowed in venues of agility training or on any competition site.

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